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Portable Backup Runway Lighting

Temporary / Emergency Runway Lights
for International Airports

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S4GA offers certified portable runway lighting for international and domestic airports. S4GA portable lights is the best solution for runway rehabilitation works, backup and emergency runway lighting, or temporary airfield lighting.

Reliable Backup Solution for International Airports

  • for runway rehabilitation works
  • for runways equipped with unreliable primary AGL
  • for airports experiencing unexpected loss of primary power supply

Whenever airport requires a secondary runway illumination, S4GA solution would be the best choice. S4GA lights are certified and compliant with ICAO Annex 14 and Aerodrome Design Manual. The lights are applicable to all types of runways. We offer a complete set of portable airfield lights including runway & taxiway lighting, approach lighting, mobile full PAPI / A-PAPI systems, and remote control.

The main three cases when S4GA backup illumination is required, are 3-6 months runway closure for rehabilitation works; airports equipped with obsolete RWY illumination; and, airports experiencing unexpected loss of primary AGL. In the first two cases, the airport is looking for a semi-permanent application that will be compliant with aviation regulations, and that will require minimum maintenance. S4GA solar runway lights fit the best. In the third case, the airport is looking for temporary RWY lights that are stored most of the time in a hangar and can be quickly installed on the airfield in an emergency situation. S4GA portable runway lights supplied in a trailer is a solution for such airports.


For Temporary Operations

Portable airfield lights:

  • 15 days of continuous operations without recharging
  • Installation within 15 min
  • Remote activation from ATC Tower

For Long Term Operations

Solar airfield lights:

  • Available 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Certified and compliant with ICAO, FAA
  • No maintenance required

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