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SP-102S Solar
Helipad Lighting

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For helipads, heliports, emergency landing areas and temporary landing zones, S4GA offers certified solar-powered helipad lighting. SP-102S light is a self-contained helipad lighting fixture, ready to install and requiring minimum maintenance.
  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • NVG Compatible

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S4GA SP-102S Solar Helipad Lighting
S4GA Balisage Solaire Pour Heliport SP-102S

S4GA SP-102S Low-Intensity Solar Aerodrome Light Key Features

Typical Applications

  • Helipads and heliports
  • Emergency landing areas
  • Temporary landing zones


  • FATO Light
  • TLOF Light
  • Approach Light
  • Obstruction Light


Why is S4GA Better?

High Visibility

Pilots have confirmed that S4GA helipad lights are visible from over 10 km away, which is a significant distance. Other manufacturers offer solar helipad lights with lower light output and different LED optics, which decrease the visual range by several times. Visibility is a crucial aspect when it comes to flight safety, and S4GA invests significant time and resources into designing and improving the safety of its helipad lighting products and systems. The SP-102S model is also available for those seeking helipad lighting with IR optics that are compatible with night vision goggles. This model is typically used by military airbases. S4GA’s helipad lights are NVG-compatible and comply with both civil and military regulations.

HIGH Light Autonomy

The SP-102S helipad light comes with a sizeable built-in battery that provides an extended period of operation. It can remain functional for up to 90 hours on a single charge, which is significantly longer than what other AGL manufacturers offer.

Fast solar charging

The SP-102S helipad lighting fixture features a 5W solar panel that effectively charges the battery during the daytime. The solar panel’s optimal tilt and size allow the SP-102S light to charge quickly.


S4GA’s battery is both rechargeable and replaceable. Additionally, all of S4GA’s helipad lighting products are designed to use standard-type batteries that customers can easily purchase from local stores.

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