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Solar Helipad Lighting
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solar HELIPAD and heliport LIGHTs

S4GA offers to its civil and military customers reliable helipad lights compliant with ICAO, Annex 14 requirements. It is applicable for both helipads and heliports located in remote areas with unreliable or unavailable electricity sources. Solar panels are used to charge the lights.

The system consists of SP-401 LED helipad lights and control & monitoring system (ALCMS). All the components are connected wirelessly, so there is no need in any ground works and cables when installation. Heliport lighting is pilot activated and can be controlled from the ground, from air and even via GSM (cell phone).

Helipad lights have inbuilt batteries providing up to 85 hrs of operations. Battery is powered by independently installed solar panel. In case of cloudy weather for a long time, the lights can be easily removed from the airfield and charged by electrical grid.

We use special LED optics which allows achieving up 10 km visibility range. It is extremely important for pilots when landing a helicopter in adverse weather conditions.

typical helipad (heliport) products

Typical helipad lighting includes: FATO lights, TLOF lights, Floodlights, Illuminated wind direction indicator, control and monitoring interface. Sometimes customers are willing to extend their system by adding approach lighting and HAPI.

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