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Low Intensity
Solar Runway Lighting

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For low-traffic airfields and general aviation aerodromes looking for simple low-cost runway lighting, S4GA offers SP-102S Solar-Powered Airfield Light. It is designed to temporarily illuminate the runway for occasional, seasonal, and emergency flight operations.
  • Simple
  • Reliable
  • Compliant

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SP-102S Low Intensity Solar Airfield Lighting
Iluminación Solar De Baja Intensidad Para Aeródromos

S4GA SP-102S Low-Intensity Solar Aerodrome Light Key Features

Typical Applications

  • Low-traffic airports
  • General aviation airfields and airstrips
  • Temporary runway lighting
  • Permanent aerodrome lights
  • Taxiway & apron lighting


  • Runway Edge Light (omnidirectional white)
  • Threshold / Runway End Light (bidirectional green/red)
  • Taxiway Light (omnidirectional blue)
  • Obstruction Light (omnidirectional red)


Why is S4GA Better?

High Visibility

S4GA runway lights are visible from 10+ km distance which has been tested and confirmed by the pilots. The solar runway lights offered by other manufacturers have much lower light output and different LED optics that decrease visual range in multiple times. Visibility is one of the key characteristics when we speak about safety of flight operations. S4GA invests a lot of time and money in the design and improving the safety of its airfield lighting products and systems.

For those looking for runway lighting with IR optics (Night Vision Goggles compatible), SP-102S would also fit. Usually, it is requested by military airbases. S4GA airfield lights are NVG-compatible and compliant with both civil and military regulations.

HIGH Light Autonomy

SP-102S aerodrome light is equipped with a large built-in battery. The battery provides high autonomy for the light and is able to keep it operational for up to 90 hours on a single charge. The autonomy of S4GA light is 3x higher than other AGL manufacturers offer.

The battery is rechargeable and replaceable. In all S4GA airfield lighting products, we use standard-type batteries that customers can buy on local stored.

Fast solar charging

The runway lighting fixture is equipped with a 5W solar panel that charges the battery during the daytime. Thanks to optimal tilt and the size of the solar panel, SP-102S light is being charged pretty fast.SP-102S Low Intensity Solar Airfield Lighting for airfields and aerodromes

certified and tested

The SP-102S aerodrome light is compliant with national and international aviation regulations – ICAO (global), FAA (US), EASA (Europe), CASA (Australia), AFAC (Mexico), STANAG (NATO members). All S4GA airfield lighting products have passed multiple tests and are certified by independent accredited laboratories.

Designed for airports

S4GA lights are designed specifically for Airports. Here we are talking first of all about the components that define solar charging efficiency (how fast the light can be charged), and the autonomy of the light when solar charging is unavailable. It distinguishes our company from other solar AGL manufacturers that offer lighting fixture design originally coming from marine industry.

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