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Military airfield lighting trailer

for Deployed, Tactical & Emergency Operations

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For deployed, tactical, emergency short-term operations at military airbases, S4GA offers Portable Airfield Lighting System stored in a Trailer. S4GA Military Trailer is designed to illuminate runway within 20 minutes. Compliant with NATO STANAG requirements.

S4GA Military Trailer

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It consists of a series of informative and engaging videos that cover crucial aspects of airfield lighting systems utilized by militaries today, limitations of existing solutions, and more!



German Air Force is using S4GA Emergency Airfield Lighting System (EALS). The system has been supplied in a Trailer that accommodates a complete portable AGL system compliant with NATO STANAG and European aviation standards.

S4GA Portable Airfield Lighting System stored in a Trailer allows for easy and rapid illumination of temporary airfields, reserve airfields, and minimum operating strips.

S4GA military airfield lighting equipment complies with appropriate military environmental specifications. It is made of high-quality materials and can withstand repeated handling and transportation.

Portable Airfield Lighting

S4GA Portable Airfield Lighting stored in a Trailer is designed for quick and easy illumination of a temporary runway. Both civil and military airports use this versatile portable airfield lighting system to secure night operations. S4GA Trailer contains a complete set of equipment required to illuminate the temporary runway according to international standards.

Trailer for Military Airbases

S4GA Trailer, as well as other military airfield lighting solutions, is the best AGL military equipment for air bases. Most of them are located in remote areas with limited or NO access to electrical infrastructure. It’s not an issue because S4GA Trailer is equipped with diesel generators and power banks that can charge airfield lights and mobile PAPI lights. The airfield lighting trailer is designed to operate in extreme weather conditions and ensure continuous operations for a long time.

Trailer for Temporary Runways

The airfield Lighting Trailer is applicable for temporary civil runways and humanitarian missions. It can be used as temporary runway lighting for regional and domestic airports. It accommodates a complete airfield lighting system to illuminate for 2.500 m runway in accordance with ICAO.

S4GA Trailer is suitable for airfield construction works. Easy drop-in and drop out of the lights from the trailer allows for quickly illuminating any part of the airfield – temporary taxiway, displaced threshold, temporary runway – or identifying construction areas with obstruction lights.

Backup Runway Lighting in a Trailer

S4GA Airfield Lighting Trailer can be also used by international airports as backup runway lighting. In case of failure of the main power source, airport personnel can use S4GA portable runway lights. Contactless charging inside the trailer makes it easy to charge the lights altogether in one place. No need to connect each light to the cable (it saves a lot of time!).

Portable Airfield Lighting applications

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