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S4GA Monitoring Portal

Would you like to monitor status of runway light in real time from anywhere in the world?

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S4GA Monitoring Portal enables remote monitoring of S4GA airfield lighting systems
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What is the s4ga monitoring portal?

The S4GA Monitoring Portal is a tool that allows airport representatives to monitor the condition of runway lighting. The data is updated every hour. This online platform provides a comprehensive view of various performance metrics of the lighting system, such as battery levels, operating hours, temperature conditions, and online status.

It’s accessible from anywhere in the World via an internet connection, enabling users to keep tabs on their airfield lighting system’s performance and efficiency. Would you like to test our Monitoring Portal now? Just contact us directly to obtain the guest login and password!

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What can you check through s4ga monitoring portal?

Comprehensive Lamp Monitoring

With the S4GA Monitoring Portal, you can keep a tab on various aspects of the light group’s performance. These include “Battery vs Illumination”, where you can compare battery level to light operations (in hours per day) for each day or hour. This allows for a comprehensive view of the light’s efficiency and lifespan.

Temperature and Online Status Tracking

In addition, the portal allows monitoring of the light’s temperature. Furthermore, the status of the lights, whether online or offline, can be checked in real-time, providing vital information on the operational status of the system.

Tailored Graphs for Different Light Categories

Different categories of lights such as runway, taxiway, etc., have unique needs. With our portal, you can check the “Battery Level vs Operation Time” for each category. This helps to ensure every part of your airport lighting system is functioning optimally.

Would you like to join S4GA FREE Trial Program?

The S4GA Monitoring Portal is an innovative feature of the S4GA FREE Trial Program, designed to offer airport representatives to monitor S4GA runway lighting systems remotely.

This tool provides a unique opportunity to thoroughly test and understand the performance of S4GA’s solar airfield lighting before deciding on a permanent installation. Don’t miss this chance to explore how S4GA can enhance your airport’s lighting system.

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