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Solar AGL Design

For Airfield Lighting Designers
and Airport Consultants

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Design solar airfield lighting in 4 steps

S4GA Solar AGL Guide

Discover the complete journey of Solar AGL installation with our comprehensive guide, covering everything from the initial contact to the final installation process

We will support you with all project materials

S4GA provides a free of charge support in preparing solar airfield ground lighting design. Additionally, we provide a full pack of all documents required to prepare solar airfield lighting offer as alternative to conventional (6.6 Amp) system.
For Airfield Lighting Designers and Airport Consultants

Interested to offer Solar Airfield Lighting Project to your Customer? For AGL Designers and Airport Consultants (Airport Consulting Companies) who are working on conventional (wired) Airfield Lighting projects, we offer free solar airfield lighting design. This way your Customer can select between two alternative runway lighting systems (solar and conventional 6.6amp) and will be able to select an optimal one.

What kind of support will I get from S4GA?

S4GA airfield lighting (AGL) designers use the most innovative technologies and will produce a detailed conceptual layout. After your approval – you will be provided with comprehensive product specifications for your airfield project.

If required our team of experts will prepare a cost comparison of conventional (6.6 amp) and solar airfield ground lighting. The comparison includes investment, operational and maintenance data. This way you can clearly identify which system would be better for your airport project.

Approach lighting system, Runway and taxiway lighting, Guidance signage or Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI). No matter the system, the S4GA team has the expertise to support you.

Is solar airfield lighting suitable for my airport?

In the case of every solar runway lighting project, we always start with Solar Feasibility Study. As an outcome of such a study, You will be provided with a document that verifies if the solar system will operate in your airport without interruptions for 365 days a year.

Is the solar system certified?

Yes. S4GA solar airfield lighting has passed multiple testing and is certified in accordance with ICAO, FAA, EASA, TP312, NATO STANAG. You can download all certificates from our website.

Do you offer a free trial of the S4GA solar airfield lighting system?

Yes. As the practical part of the Feasibility Study – we provide a free 4-6 weeks product trial to confirm that the S4GA system will maintain daily operations according to your airport requirements and without the risk of blackout.


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