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The First Free Online Course Dedicated to Solar Airfield Lighting

S4GA Online Academy is a series of online courses dedicated to solar airfield lighting. The aim is to share knowledge about solar airfield lighting systems among those working in the airfield lighting industry – engineers, consultants, airport planners.

Pricing & Certification

The first online course ‘Solar Runway Lighting Overview’ is free of charge. After successful completion of the course, You will receive a digital certificate from S4GA.


Submit an online Application Form and we will send Your personal access to S4GA Online Academy to Your email address. 

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S4GA Online Courses

Industry Specialists About S4GA Online Academy

Over 500 AGL specialists from more than 70 countries are taking S4GA Online Course

‘Thank you in advance for letting me assist this course. As an aeronautical technician and commercial excecutive of Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 in Argentina i’m pretty amazed of the safe technology S4GA is aplying. Good job! I’m in touch via Linkedin with Mr. Lukasz Kornacki for anything you need.

Talking about the course, it was correct. Really informative based on the pros of aplying your systems. I really liked It. You can see the benefits and safety of solar power in this área. Maybe it could be a little bit technical for someone that it’s not a technician or has some basic knowledge.”

Federico Rimoldi, Commercial Executive at Aeropuertos Argentina 2000

‘’The course was great actually and for me it was a good opportunity to know this valuable information about solar airfield lighting. Just I guess some of the quiz’s questions was not related to the course. But in general it was great the animation and the sound effects were very helpful.’’

Mohamed Morgan, AGL Engineer at Cairo Airports Company

‘’The course was very interesting and it was quite helpful as there are not many other free online resources for AGL. At the end of the course you could have quite a complete understanding of the S4GA runway edge lights system and the working principles.’’

Marc Aicart Font, Airport Planner at Mott MacDonald

‘’I will say, through this course I was able to get more understanding and knowledge in S4GA Solar Field Lighting System, which will definitely become a reality in all our Aviation Airport across Nigeria very soon. I have worked severally on conventional AGL which its problem has overwhelmed due to epileptic power supply and other related issues in this part of the continent. My Company Security & Maintenance Culture Ltd has been advocated for various ways to solve many challenges which S4GA has perfectly addressed through the provision of Solar Airfield Lighting System.

The Online Academy has full explained the importance and advantages that S4GA products have over Conventional AGL. On Installation and Maintenance, it was perfectly explained, I can assure you now that am S4GA compliant and my Company is ready to swing into action for the product marketing.’’

Alonge Oluwasegun Joseph, System Engineer at Security & Maintenance Culture, Nigeria

‘’In fact the online course was really helpful and interesting especially the way the lecture was presented and got a lot out of it. I was not much aware of S4GA products in so much detail, now I got to recommend S4GA projects for some projects as AGL consultant. ‘’

Syed Kashif Ali Shah, Electrical AGL Engineer at RW Armstrong, UAE

‘’I would like to give my thanks to all of you who was involved in this Overview training material. It was really helpful to know your products and their operation principles. Training material was really good prepared and presented, all what we needed to know.’’

Ilir Macastena, AGL Consultant

‘’This course is very informative and valuable. I like it very much and I want to attend these type of courses. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity of online solar runway lighting course.’’

Engr. Ahmad Fraz Haider Sargana, Airfield Engineer at IMCO Technologies and Services, Pakistan

‘’Course length is fair ; Information provided is straight forward and detailed. All in all it was a very beneficial exercise and I will be doing the course again soon.’’

Amin Gabbani, Intercontinental Trading & Engineering, Sudan

‘’Thanks for this training i discover new technology of airfield lighting power supply and the proper and free power, really i found this training interesting and valuable. Thanks for you and for all S4GA staff and responsible.’’

Ammar Hassine, AGL Supervisor at TAV Airports, Saudi Arabia

‘’Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Hopefully waiting to enroll with upcoming online courses. As I’m an airfield technician this course helped me a lot to improve my knowledge.’’

Arjuna Premachandra, Electrical Technician at Airport & Aviation Services, Sri Lanka

‘’I found the course very informative. I liked the visuals and it was easy to navigate through the course. The information flow made it easy to digest and I never felt overwhelmed. Well done and thank you.’’

Douglas Horton, Sales Director at XYZ Aviation, South Africa

‘’It Was wonderful time going though all important slides and video. Really this was very useful for my knowledge which will help me to boost confidence when am talking with potential customers.
S4GA is an Knowledge hub as per my opinion which always focus on continues Product training an knowledge sharing.’’

Sangeeth Weliwattha, General Manager – Business Development at SENOK, Sri Lanka

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