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Solar Permanent Airfield Lighting for Military Airbase in Africa

A complete solar airfield lighting system has been delivered to one of the African military airbases. S4GA solar AFL is currently used by a military customer as a primary lighting system for the runway.

Testing of S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting at Night at The military airbase

Military Airfield Lighting for Africa

S4GA’s military airfield lighting solutions have already become popular in Africa. In recent years, the Company supplied AFL systems to a few African airports – military and civil. Together with its local partners, S4GA has delivered complete airfield lighting systems to different remote locations around the continent. Check more case studies HERE.

S4GA Solar Runway Edge Light

S4GA Solar Runway Light

For this particular military airfield, S4GA has supplied a complete set of required AFL products:

The lights are activated and controlled wirelessly via S4GA Handheld Controller (Datasheet in PDF). The Controller allows grouping of the lights, changing light intensity in each group, and changing operating mode (NVG-mode, dusk till dawn).

For even more advanced control of solar airfield lighting, S4GA offers ALCMS – Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System. ALCMS has much more options for AFL control rather than a Handheld Controller. However, the main and unique feature of S4GA ALCMS is an Individual Light Control and Monitoring System.

Photos of Solar Airfield Lighting in Africa

Continuous Airport Operations in any Location

With S4GA solar airfield lighting, the current military airbase operates continuously 365 days a year, independently from the electrical grid. This is crucial for African military airfields that are usually located in remote areas, far from the cities and any infrastructure. Thus, it is often economically insufficient to install traditional airfield lighting (powered by a 6.6A grid) in such airports. Solar AFL is the best solution for them:

  • operates 365 days a year on solar energy
  • installation takes only few days
  • minimum maintenance required
  • close to zero operational cost.

For more information about S4GA military airfield lighting solutions, please contact us or download the brochure HERE.



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