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Webinar: Military Airfield Lighting Systems

This Webinar is dedicated to the airfield lighting solutions that S4GA offers to military airfields and air bases:

S4GA military airfield lighting equipment is certified and compliant with ICAO, FAA, EASA, NATO STANAG . It is designed to operate in the most extreme conditions. The lights have passed multiple tests on photometrics, chromaticity, frangibility, jet blast resistance, ingress protection, and electromagnetic compatibility. Test reports and certificates are available on request.

S4GA airfield lighting is controlled remotely and can be activated via Handheld Controller, ALCMS computer interface, VHF, or manually via emergency on/off button.

The lights can operate in visible, NVG (Night Vision Goggles) and dusk till dawn modes. Light intensity is adjustable.

The webinar was hosted by Mr Dmytro Kuczeruk – S4GA Business Development Manager and Specialist in military airfield lighting systems.

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  • Video & Multimedia
  • Product Description


Questions and Answers

Q1: Is this system strictly military or does it also have civil applications? A1: The system can be used both for military and civil purposes. In this webinar we  discussed only military applications.
Q2: Do we have to replace the battery after 15 days due to deep discharge level below 11 volts? A2: There is no need to replace batteries after 15 days, as they can be re-charged. Light has protection against deep discharge of batteries.
Q3: Can the radio control panel be customised? A3: Yes,  it can be customised according to the Customer wish.
Q4: How are the lights attached and stabilized to the ground? A4: The mounting depends on the type of the surface. There are different options available.
Q5: What is the operational temperature range of the Lights?   A5: The operational temperature of the standard battery (Lead-acid AGM battery) is from -20 to +50 °C. Non standard battery (Lithium ion) can operate in temperature range from -40 to +80 °C
Q6: What is the replacement frequency for the battery? A6: On average, a standard battery would require a replacement about every two years. A non-standard battery requires the replacement around every four years. 

 S4GA ALCMS system monitors time and cycles of the battery and advises the preventive maintenance to the User. So in order to avoid any potential issues related to battery damage, the CMS system lets you know exactly when to replace them. 

Q7: How does the military calibrate portable PAPI before operational use? A7: Calibration of portable PAPI is not required on the field, due to special design of S4GA – inclination is done in advance the operation.
Q8: Is reporting & monitoring done via 4G network or the VHF? A8: Control & Monitoring is done with S4GA Mesh Network – fully safe and compatible for military airbases. The signal is cyber-secured and has no interference with ILS, VOR, DME or other signals.
Q9: Are there any environmental limitations? How different conditions affect the lights? A9: S4GA solution is designed to work in high temperatures and humidity and is installed worldwide in different regions and conditions. Materials used in our products are: plastic / aluminium / stainless steel – therefore there is no corrosion issues.

MTBF certificate is available on request, so please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Q10: What is the VHF range? A10: VHF range tested is above 10 km. Lights meet RED Directive requirements – there is no interference with other radio equipment.
Q11: Do you have STANAG certification? A11: Lights are compliant with STANAG regulations. Please visit our website to see the certificates and the products.
Q12: Is the system compatible with others ALMS? A12: Yes, S4GA ALCMS can be integrated to any existing ALCMS used with wired solution. 
Q13: What is the designed lifetime of the lights?  A13: Designed lifetime of the lights is 20 years.
Q14: Where have you already installed your system? A14: Our system is installed in many different regions from all around the World. Visit our case studies page and learn about S4GA existing application.



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