S4GA - Helipad and Airport Lighting Company
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icao compliant airfield lighting

S4GA airfield lighting systems are compliant with international aviation standards – ICAO, FAA. The lights have been tested and certified by independent accredited laboratories. Moreover, the Company has its own photometric laboratory where specialists do testing of every lighting unit before leaving warehouse and dispatch to the Customer.

INTERTEK –  world-recognized independent laboratory – confirmed ICAO compliance of complete S4GA runway lighting system. You can download Intertek Certificates using the links below.


 solar airfield lighting

SP-401 Runway Edge Light
SP-401 Runway Threshold Light
SP-401 Runway End Light
SP-401 Runway Threshold / End Light
SP-401 Obstruction Light (Type A)

portable lighting

SP-102 Runway Edge Light
SP-102 Runway Threshold / End Light
SP-102 Obstruction Light (Type A)