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Apr 06 2023

S4GA Brings Together Top Aviation Industry Leaders for UK Solar Airfield Lighting Workshop

Recently, S4GA and Dewhurst Airfield Services Ltd, a reputable airfield lighting installer in the UK, jointly hosted a workshop to discuss solar-powered airfield lighting systems in the UK. The workshop, held on the 21st and 23rd of March in Birmingham and Glasgow, respectively, was designed for airports, aviation professionals, airport authorities, and civil aviation authorities to learn about solar airfield lighting solutions.

Dewhurst Airfield Services – reliable s4ga partner

Dewhurst Airfield Services Ltd

DEWHURST Airfield Services is a reputable airfield lighting installer based in the UK. They have a team of 20 dedicated technicians who are fully qualified in all aspects of electrical installations. They are a trusted solution provider with a long-standing reputation for excellence in their field. Some of their notable customers include the British Royal Air Force, Edinburgh International Airport, and Pristina International Airport. Dewhurst Airfield Services Ltd has established itself as a reliable partner of S4GA, with whom they have completed several successful projects in the UK.

s4ga solar airfield lighting in the UK

Our systems are designed to meet the operational needs of airports worldwide. We have completed several successful projects in the UK, including the installation of a permanent solar-powered airfield lighting system at Campbeltown Airport in Scotland in 2021. We also offer a FREE Trial of our solar airfield lighting for airports in the UK. Based on our experience with airports around the world, our solar-powered lighting systems exceed expectations. Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness makes us a leading provider of solar airfield lighting solutions in the global market.

How was S4GA workshop in the UK?

The workshop included morning tea and a meet-and-greet session, an official welcome by Derek Calloway, a presentation by Dmytro Kuczeruk on S4GA’s products and company, a product demonstration, and a question and answer session. Attendees were also treated to a networking lunch and were issued completion certificates

workshop in Birmingham

Workshop in Glasgow


Workshops offer an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn about solar airfield lighting and its benefits for airports. Are you interested in attending S4GA upcoming workshops on solar airfield lighting?

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