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Germany: Military Airfield Lighting Trailer for Bundeswehr

S4GA supplied a portable emergency airfield lighting system (EALS) in a Trailer to the German Air Force. The military trailer for Germany accommodates a complete portable AGL system compliant with NATO STANAG and European aviation standards.

Photos of Military Trailer for Germany

German Air Force – a Demanding mILITARY CustomerS4GA Portable Light German Airforce

The German Air Force is the branch of the Bundeswehr – the armed forces of Germany. It is the third-largest airforce in the European Union and one of the most demanding military customers in the World. All acquisitions and procurements for Bundeswehr are regulated by NATO standards.

In recent years Chief Command invested in upgrading military equipment for German Air Forces. One of the procurements was a portable emergency airfield lighting system to support night operations.


Solutions presented to the German military had to be compliant with both civil and military aviation regulations – ICAO, FAA, NATO, EASA. It means that every supplier who wants to deal with the German Air Force had to provide the highest quality products and full compliance with aviation and military standards.

Portable airfield lighting products used by the German Army previously did not meet their expectations in terms of quality and performance. Thus, the challenge was to find a technology that would be more reliable, more long-lasting, certified, and compliant with NATO STANAG requirements and European aviation standards.

S4GA Military Trailer for Germany – What Is Inside?

S4GA offered a Military Airfield Lighting Trailer specifically designed for NATO operations. The Trailer accommodates a complete portable emergency airfield lighting system (NATO EALS) able to illuminate up to 3 500 m runway in accordance with Customer’s requirements:

  • AGL Control System in S4GA Military Trailercompliant with ICAO, FAA, NATO STANAG regulations
  • compatible with NVG operation requirements
  • high autonomy of the lights
  • remote AGL activation and control
  • contactless charging

Military Trailer for German Army includes:

Compatibility of S4GA lights with NVG OperationsS4GA Lights are compatible with NVG operations

Equipped with infrared diodes, S4GA lights can support NVG (Night Google Vision) military operations.


The activation of the NVG mode can be done remotely via S4GA Handheld Controller or ALCMS installed in the ATC tower. 

Moreover, the intensity of the light in NVG mode is adjustable and visibility reaches up to 3 km – ensuring the safety of any Night Google Vision military operation.


All the above features and specifications proved S4GA Military Trailer to be the best emergency airfield lighting solution for military airbases, temporary runways, and humanitarian missions.

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