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Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer

Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer

S4GA Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer (PALT) contains airfield lighting system designed for quick and easy illumination of a runway or helipad. This versatile portable and mobile airfield lighting is used by both civil and military airports to secure night operations. It can be easily deployed on the runway within 20 min as required by ICAO.

Portable Trailer contains a complete set of equipment required to illuminate temporary airfield according to international standards. A unique solar-powered charging makes S4GA PALT truly 100% autonomous and the best solution for remote regions without access to electrical grid.

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S4GA-PALT stores up to 72 SP-102 portable airfield lights with accessories. However, physical characteristics of a trailer like capacity, length, height, etc. are customizable and can be changed as per request. For civil airport, portable PAPI lights are often required. Accordingly, portable trailer can store one or two portable PAPI or A-PAPI systems with accessories.

For military, police, and air rescue, mobility of a trailer is one of the key factors. In other words, faster AGL installation – better. To meet this requirement, S4GA trailer has been constructed in such a way that the lights are deployed as quickly as possible.

Key applications

  • Temporary runway lighting for non-instrument VFR runways
  • Temporary runway lighting for non-precision IFR runways
  • Back-up lighting for precision approach IFR runways
  • Portable and backup lighting for runway, taxiway, obstruction, helipads

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