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May 05 2017

First Hybrid Runway Edge Lights with 1.500 cd Output

S4GA Ingineering Department is happy to announce that starting as of 1st of May – SP-401 Lighting Unit will be equipped with the new bi-directional optical head.

S4GA effecitve optics will provide airports and pilots with the highest intensity level in its segment for medium-intensity airfield lighting.

For non-precision instrument runway:

  • ICAO requires minimum 50 cd of light output
  • FAA requires 125 cd of lights output

S4GA new optics will provide up to 1.500 cd light output in both directions being fully autonomous. NO Cables, No Transformers, No CCRs are required. This improvement will greatly increase visual range provided by SP-401 optics.

Please familiraze yourself with Photometric Curve for white elevated runway edge light.