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Solar Obstruction Light (model SP-401)
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Specification Parameter Description
Compliance ICAO Annex 14, Vol. I (7th. Edition, July 2016) Photometric:  Table 6-2 (Low Intensity, Type A)
Chromaticity: Appendix 1, Figure A1-1
FAA 150/5345-50B
Operating time Min intensity 215 hrs.
Max Intensity 55 hrs.
Optics Type Omni-directional
Colour Red
LED life 50.000 hrs.
Interchangeable optical head Yes
Light output Min intensity 10 cd
Max Intensity 30 cd
Battery Type Deep-cycle VLRA
Suitable for air transport
Capacity 9 Ah
Nominal voltage 12 V
Life span 4-5 years / 1.200 cycles
On-board battery indicator Yes
User-replaceable battery Yes
Battery Charging External charging port Yes
Available charging options Solar panel
OCT-401 Charging station
Charging time via charging station 7 hrs.
Charging time via solar panel 10 hrs.
Solar charging Maximum power point tracking with temperature compensation (MPPT-TC)
Control & Monitoring Wireless control Yes (Mesh Network)
Wireless monitoring Yes
Operational wireless range up to 3 km (optional extension: yes)
Built-in protection against excessive overcharging/discharging of the battery Yes
Automatic Light Control (ALC) ALC adjusts intensity level if battery reaches low capacity to ensure continued operation
Emergency on/off button Yes
Operating temperature range Standard -20 to 50 ºC (-4 to 122 ºF)
Arctic pack -40 to 80 ºC (-40 to 176 ºF)
Solar Panel Nominal power output Standard: 20W (optionally: 30W)
Installed separately from the lighting unit Yes
Panel facing direction / Tilt Uni-directional for optimal energy collection
Tilt Standard: 33 degrees (optional adjustment: yes)
Life span 15 years
Casing Waterproof rating IP-65
UV resistant Yes
Height / Length / Width (mm) 276 x 228 x 179
Weight (kg) 4,5
Chassis Material Polymer composite
Dome Material (standard) Premium UV-resistant polycarbonate
Dome Material (optional) Glass
CE Compliance Standards EN 61000-4-2:2009
EN 61000-4-3:2007/A2:2011
PN-EN 61000-4-4:2013-05
EN 61000-4-5:2014-10
EN 61000-4-6: 2014-04