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Oct 17 2022

Solar AGL for New Zealand Airports – Workshop Outcome

On September 13th S4GA held a very successful workshop dedicated to solar AGL systems feasibility for New Zealand airports. The workshop was run by S4GA representative Mr. Lukasz Kornacki,  accompanied by our regional partners – Airport Management Services and Mike Hains Aviation.

The event held in Palmerston North city hosted participants of NZ Airports Hui 2022 Conference and brought together engineers, airport managers, airport consultants and…very curious competition.


Solar AGL for New Zealand Airports – Workshop Outcome

The event exceeded our expectations in terms of the number of participants, their engagement, and their interest in S4GA solar solution! It was a great pleasure to talk with the top professionals from the aviation field and show them the best Solar Airfields Lighting System available on the market!

The workshop covered the most important topics and gave the answers to the most  frequent questions, such as:

  • Is solar AGL going to work at my airport?
  • Is it reliable? Will it operate 365 days a year?
  • Is it approved by NZ CAA? Is it certified for my airport?
  • Why are airports all over the world using S4GA solar system as a permanent illumination? Why do they decide in this direction?
  • What basic knowledge is required to make the right judgment on Solar AGL?
  • What is a Solar AGL feasibility study?

We would like to take the opportunity and thank all workshop participants for the great meeting and inspiring conversations!

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