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Oct 24 2018

S4GA helps to Protect Korean Forests from Disasters

S4GA has recently delivered Portable Helipad Lighting Kit to Korea to help local government in protection national forests from natural disasters and distress.

Protecting Korean FORESTs

Korea Forest Service is a government-owned company that protects Korea’s forest resources from diseases and pests. 

The Company started its operations in 1971 with only 3 small helicopters in its arsenal. The Government concluded that KFS was no longer capable to effectively respond to wildfire, and invested in it’s development. 

Today KFS is the largest forest aviation service provider in the country operating 46 helicopters.

Korea Forest Service is protecting the public and national properties from various natural disasters and accidents, including wildfire, forest diseases and pests, natural disasters and distress. 


Government chooses S4GA for Helipads Equipment

In 2018, the Government decided to acquire additional equipment for KFS helipads that allow the Company to act even faster in a high emergency.

S4GA Portable Helipad Lighting was chosen as the most reliable mobile lighting system for illuminating temporary and emergency landing zones:

  • Helipad lights are visible from 10 km distance which is a non-disputable advantage for pilots
  • Body is made of non-corrosive aluminum and dome is made of UV-resistant glass which ensures long-term usage of the lights
  • Built-in batteries are user-replaceable standard type batteries available everywhere including Korea
  • Lights are stored in a rigid weather resistant protective case designed for safe transportation and fast deployment of lighting kit.

S4GA Portable Helipad Lights are widely used by police, air rescue, and medevac. To find out more, please visit our Helipad Lighting Applications page.