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Ethiopia: S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting for Semera Airport

S4GA supplied  Solar Airfield Lighting System to  Semera Airport in Ethiopia. The solution will be used at the Ethiopian Airport on a permanent basis. It is for the second time that Ethiopian Airlines – the Airport owner, decided to go solar with S4GA runway lighting for its projects.


Semera AIRPORT Runway rehabilitation – Overview

Semera Airport is an Ethiopian regional airport located in the central part of the country, 400 km northeast of the capital Addis Ababa. The airport is exclusively served by Ethiopian Airlines which is wholly owned by the country’s government. In recent years the airport began a runway rehabilitation project. One of the required upgrades of the renovation plan was the installation of a new airfield lighting system. 

The main challenge for the Airport operator in choosing AFL was to get around the problem of unreliable electrical power supply in the region – which bring a high risk of a blackout scenario. The expensive and time-consuming installation of airfield lighting was another challenge that had to be solved. After careful examination of the Airport’s requirements, it was obvious that conventional wired runway lighting wouldn’t meet any of them. At that point, the Airport’s Authorities started looking for alternative solutions.

S4GA Solar AGL – the best solution for Ethiopian AirportS

Among key factors that pointed to S4GA as the best fit for the Semera Airport, should be mentioned:

  • Good experience with S4GA Solar AGL – In 2018 Ethiopian Airlines acquired S4GA Solar Runway Lighting for its other airport located in Jijiga. Since that time S4GA lighting system has been in permanent use, proving to meet the highest standards in terms of safety and overall performance. Read more about the Jijiga project here.
  • Airfield lighting operates 365 days a year on solar energy solely – no need for an electrical power supply
  • Low Investment –  S4GA Solar system cost is 30% lower compared to conventional airfield lighting
  • Fast project implementation 
  • Only minimum maintenance which takes less than 1% of the AGL system’s total cost
  • Compliance with international aviation standards such as ICAO, FAA, STANAG


Alongside S4GA solar runway lighting system, Semera Airport decided on installing  SG4A ALCMS – Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System.  Compliant with ICAO, EASA, and FAA, S4GA ALCMS is designed to provide full remote control and monitoring of solar LED runway lighting from the TWR or maintenance room. Moreover, it allows for collecting lights data and sending them to S4GA headquarters located 7670 km from the Ethiopian Airport. Thanks to this unique feature of S4GA Airfield Lights Control and Monitoring System, our Team is able to provide up-to-date technical support and constantly work on improving S4GA Solar AGL Solution, strengthening its leading position in the airfield lighting industry. 


  • Custom Airfield Layout
  • Individual Light Status Display
  • Custom Grouping of Lights
  • Up to 5-step Light Intensity Setup (optionally 6-steps)
  • Operating Mode Setup (Visible/NVG/Remote/Autonomous)
  • Scenarios selection




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