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Lithuania: S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting for Kyviškių Airport

S4GA has supplied Kyviškių Airport in Lithuania with Solar Airfield Lighting System. It’s for the second time, that an airport located in Lithuania chooses S4GA Solar Runway Lighting Solution. 


Kyviškių AIRPORT Solar upgrade – OverviewVilnius Tech

Antanas Gustaichis Aviation Institute of the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University is among the top 2.1% of universities in the world and scores the highest notes in Lithuania in terms of expertness and applied technology. The Kyviškių Airport (Kyviškių Aerodromas) owned by the Institute is used mainly for pilots’ training.

As the Airport is a part of a government-owned institute, it has to provide the highest standards for its Users in order to perform VFR night training and to ensure its night flight operational safety. The airport started to look for a reliable runway lighting system. The key factors in choosing the tender winner regarded the certification and economical aspects of the proposed solution.


S4GA Solar AGL – the best solution for Lithuanian Airport

S4GA Solar Runway System has been recommended to the Airport’s Authorities by the Pilots who’d seen it at the Kaunas Airport which acquired S4GA System in 2019. After a thoughtful examination, our system proved to be the best matching solution for the Kyviškių Airport as well.

S4GA Solar AGL demonstrates its superiority over other systems, by not only being highly reliable but also by being a user-friendly, cost-cutting solution:

  • 30% lower cost – NO expensive civil works (no need for MAINs power supply, building complex electrical network or substations to run S4GA system)
  • ZERO electricity bills – S4GA System works solely on solar energy
  • Low cost of maintenance – everything can be performed by airport personnel, no need to hire an external contractor
  • Fast project implementation
  • Certification by Transport Competence Agency
  • Compliance with international aviation standards and regulations (ICAO, FAA, EASA)
  • Good experience with S4GA Solar AGL in the Lithuanian region – In 2019 Kaunas Airport acquired S4GA Solar Runway Lighting. Since that time S4GA AGL system has been in use, proving to meet the highest standards in terms of safety and overall performance. Read more about the Kaunas project here

The upgrade of the Kyviškių Airport gained a lot of attention. After all the work was finished, the Minister of Transport paid a visit to the Antanas Gustaichis Aviation Institute to see and evaluate the results. S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting technology got appreciated as the best fitting solution that matches the strict criteria of one of the top Aviation institutes of the World. 

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