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S4GA installed horizontal Helipad FATO markings for Warsaw Modlin Airport

S4GA has installed horizontal Helipad FATO markings for the second largest airport in Warsaw.

S4GA Helipad FATO markings for Warsaw Modlin Airport – Photos

In 2015, the Modlin airport management requested S4GA to deliver and fix the marking of the FATO zone. The main challenge of this project was that markings has to be mounted on the grass surface. Therefore S4GA has to find a special solution for that project that would be rigid and could be mounted into the grass without compromising the highest level of helicopter operations.

S4GA has offered a proven grass-reinforcement system manufactured in Germany. This system has been used in a grid that has been used by many airports in UK, France, and Germany.

Warsaw Modlin Airport (IATA: WMI, ICAO: EPMO) is the 2nd busiest international airport in Warsaw and the 5th busiest airport in Poland with a capacity of approx. 2.5 million passengers a year.  The airport is currently exclusively served by Ryanair. 

S4GA successfully performed the works and delivered signs compliant with ICAO regulations.



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