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Gabon Mining: Helipad Lights for Oil Producer

S4GA supplied portable helipad lights to Assala Gabon – the second biggest oil producer in Gabon, Africa. S4GA Portable Helipad Lighting Kit provided to the Customer is compliant with ICAO requirements and allows to illuminate the temporary helipad within only a few minutes.

S4GA Helipad Lights IN Gabon – Photos

S4GA Helipad Lights for the oil producer in Gabon – Overview

Assala Gabon is the second-largest oil producer in Gabon. It employs over 500 people and strives to maximize the local benefits of its activities at a national level. With the constant development of the corporation in terms of size and activities, at the same time, the company commits to applying international best practices related to safety issues.

To provide maximum efficiency in case of medical evacuation, the company decided to upgrade its heliport with helipad lighting that would meet their expectations in terms of quality and performance. The challenge was to find a technology that would be reliable, provide high autonomy, and be certified & compliant with international aviation regulations.

S4GA HeLipad Lighting KIT – the best solution for the African oil producer

Olivier Chalupt about S4GA AGL

S4GA Helipad Lighting Kit was selected as a reliable and cost-effective solution that fully meets the Customer’s requirements:

  • Mobility – the system can be easily transported and deployed in different locations
  • Fast and effortless deployment in just a few minutes
  • 25 hours of autonomy
  • 10 km visibility range
  • Remote control 
  • Compliance with ICAO requirements
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