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Polish State Flight Academy in Chelm

Polish State Flight Academy in Chelm Łukasz Puzio, Head of Aviation Training Center


Our cooperation with S4GA allows us to recognize S4GA as a partner who treats seriously its obligations towards the customer. We are looking forward to long-term cooperation and wish S4GA many future successes.



As on the most prestigious Flight Academy in Poland our goal is to provide our students with reliable and ICAO compliant infrustructure.

We were looking for low-cost alternative for conventional cable lighting. It was not a good fit due to high investment cost and expensive maintenance. We had three main requirements toward lighting system of our choice:

  • It must secure safety of night rating training
  • It must deliver proven visibility range compliant with ICAO regulations
  • It must be remotely activated by air-band radio

Our practical experience with S4GA lighting has proven its reliability and low manitenance. Our instructors and
pilots are satisfied with visibility range provided by the lights.