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Runway Lighting for State Flight Academy

S4GA has delivered Airfield Ground Lighting for one of the most renowned Polish State Flight Academy in Chełm.

open night training for pilots in just one day

FLIGHT TRAINING ORGANISATION (further FTO) is a part of the School of Higher Education in Chełm (Poland). It trains students to become airplane and helicopter pilots. The license range includes PPL, CPL(A), CPL(H), MEP(L) and IR(A).

outdated infrastructure

FTO operates its own airfield (ICAO code: EPCD). 18 months ago they have decided to upgrade the existing lighting system due to its poor technical condition. They required ICAO compliant equipment in order to secure safety of night training.

FTO had previously been using an old portable lighting system. FTO’s management decided to upgrade outdated lighting because it:

  • no longer provided visibility range sufficient for night training
  • required significant maintenance to keep working

Budget required to implement conventional cabled airfield lighting was too high. Because of the grass runway it would require constant and costly maintenance of entire infrastructure (cables, joints, CCR, transformers, etc.).

Cable lighting is a complex system that requires permanent monitoring performed by qualified engineering personnel. Poor quality of any component of the system may lead to system failure. Failure diagnostics is time-consuming.

Temporary airfield lighting

After careful market research FTO management has chosen S4GA airfield lighting as low-cost alternative for conventional cable lighting system. S4GA lighting system has been chosen because of:

  • Low cost of installation
  • Zero operating costs

Autonomous lighting significantly decreases cost of airfield lighting installation. There is no need to invest and maintain electrical infrastructure. Installation of S4GA lighting takes only one day. S4GA lighting system can be remotely activated via air-band radio form distance of 15-20 km. Operating frequency is customizable and can be selected from the range of 118-136 Mhz. Lights are activated by 3, 5 or 7 clicks of PTT-button.



Airfield Ground Lighting




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