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DeWiTec Julian Wichman, Managing Director


We recommend S4GA as reliable business partner and manufacturer of solar obstruction lights. We confirm that S4GA products are of high quality and compliant with international standards.



DeWiTec GmbH exclusively represented Solutions4GA sp. z o.o (S4GA) at German solar obstruction lighting market since 2015. We have successfully completed projects related to obstruction lighting. Our company has supplied S4GA solar aviation lights to various German customers.

The customers that were supplied with S4GA solar obstruction lights are impressed by high quality of the products. They confirm that supplied products are compliant with technical characteristics given in product descriptions. To date we have received no returns S4GA products. In case of technical issue – S4GA team has been supporting us to the moment when issue is resolved and customer is satisfied.

S4GA solar obstruction lights are used by our customers for illuminating wind turbines, buildings and other obstructions located in regions with limited amount of sunlight.