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Solar Runway Lights in Ivory Coast: Solutions for Gold Mining in Africa

S4GA solar runway lights have been supplied to a gold mine airstrip in Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire), West Africa.

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Runway lights supplied to Ivory Coast operate 365 days a year on solar energy. No electricity is required to run the system. No trenching works and no electrical infrastructure is necessary to install the system. All lighting fixtures are connected wirelessly via S4GA mesh network.

The system is pilot-controlled: lights can be activated remotely from the air (via VHF radio) and from land (via UR-201 Control & Monitoring Unit installed at ATC Tower or in the maintenance room).

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Advantages of Solar Runway Lights for Mining Companies

  • Independent from the electrical grid
  • Operates 365 days a year on solar energy
  • Pilot-controlled airfield lighting
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Minimum maintenance required

Solar Engine for papi lights in Ivory Coast

Additionally to the installation of the Solar Permanent Airfield Lighting System, the Customer decided to use S4GA Solar Engine. The solution is designed to power S4GA LED PAPI Lights or other airfield lighting equipment. It consists of premium quality Q.ANTUM solar panel and VICTRON power bank.

KEY FEATURES of S4GA Solar EngineS4GA Solar Engine for PAPI Lights

  • Applicable For S4GA PAPI and Other Airfield Lighting
  • 20% More Energy Efficient Solar Panel
  • All Consisting Parts Are User-Replaceable
  • Adjustable Solar Engine Size
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How does S4GA solar runway lighting withstand the harmattan winds of West Africa?

Harmattan Winds West Africa

Image source: guardian.ng

All S4GA airfield lighting products have passed multiple environmental tests and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions – including harmattan winds of West Africa.

RESISTANT TO SANDS. The lights are IP-67 approved. That means they have no ingress to dust for 2-8 hours and can be put under the water for 30 min without any effects of immersion.

RESISTANT TO WIND. The lights can withstand wind loading and jet blast resistance of 240 kpm. Tests have been performed at Warsaw Institue of Aviation – watch video.

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