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Solar Runway Lighting for Private Airfield in Poland

S4GA delivered pilot-controlled Solar Runway Lighting to a private airfield located in Poland, Europe.

S4GA Runway Lighting at Private Airfield in Poland – photos

Private aerodrome located in Poland and occasionally used for flight operations. For operating in during cloudy weather, on a rainy day, or at night – a runway illumination has been required. In Europe, it is a common situation so the Customer needed AGL urgently to start flight operations as soon as possible. They contacted S4GA as a trusted AGL manufacturer with a proven reputation.

Solar vs. Wired RWY Lighting – Why Customer choose S4GA?

S4GA offered a solar runway lighting system as the best solution for domestic and private aerodromes located in Poland, Europe, and any other part of the World. It does not require any electrical infrastructure, installation is fast, and maintenance is simple. Thus, aerodrome gets a bulk of advantages:

  • S4GA Solar Runway Lighting installationNO trenching works, NO cables, NO CCRs
  • NO electricity bills
  • only 3 months for complete project implementation –  from placing the order to installation
  • NO electricians are required to do maintenance – it can be performed by the airport personnel

Additionally, S4GA products are fully compliant with ICAO regulations and certified by accredited laboratories.

Why DID 6.6A Runway Lighting Not Fit?

Traditional wired runway lighting powered by a 6.6A electrical grid did not fit the Customer’s requirements due to high investments and lead time:

  • high expenditures on AGL design, ground trenching works, cables, AGL fittings, and other electrical infrastructure
  • high electricity bills afterward
  • maintenance of wired AGL required electricians available 24/7 onsite
  • at least 1 year is required for complete project implementation.

All these points against wired AGL forced the Customer to look for alternative solutions. After considering the pros and cons of S4GA solution, the Customer decided to illuminate the runway with solar-powered lighting. Currently, the S4GA system is used by this private aerodrome as permanent airfield lighting. Rapid charging technology and high autonomy of S4GA lights ensure runway availability 365 days a year regardless of weather and season of the year.

S4GA – Pilot-Activated Lighting System

S4GA’s solar runway lights can be activated and managed wirelessly from land (ATC or maintenance room) and the air (via VHF radio). It is an extremely useful feature for all remote airstrips and aerodromes. Thanks to that solution, there is no need to hire ATC Controllers to activate/deactivate runway lights whenever the airplane is landing or taking off. The pilot-activated lights are also widely used at low-traffic airports where it is not efficient to keep the airfield continuously lit during the nighttime. Pilot-controlled lights allow airport operators to profit from maximum runway use while at the same time minimizing energy cost and increasing the performance capabilities of S4GA solar AGL.

Cost-Effective Runway Lighting For Private Aerodromes

S4GA Solar Runway Lighting for private airfieldsTotal investment in S4GA solar system is 30-50% lower compared to wired runway illumination powered by a 6.6A electrical grid. Operational costs are nearly zero – the system operates on solar energy only. Simple maintenance makes S4GA system an even more attractive solution for aerodromes: it’s all about replacing batteries once in 2-3 years and cleaning solar panels once in a few weeks. Learn more about the advantages of solar runway lighting in this article.

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Runway Availability 365 Days a Year

Airfield Lighting operates 365 days a year on solar energyS4GA runway lighting is available 365 days a year regardless of the weather and location. The system operates purely on solar energy which is in abundance. Rapid charging technology and the large capacity of power banks in S4GA solar lights protect the system from deep discharge and ensure continuous flight operations and runway availability every day, 365 days a year. Learn more in this article.

Certified and ICAO Compliant Runway Lighting

ICAO Compliant and Certified Airfield LightingAll S4GA airfield lighting products are compliant with ICAO requirements. The lights have passed multiple tests and are certified in accordance with international and European aviation standards. You can find Intertek Certificates on our website. For more certificates, please contact us.



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