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Uzbekistan: Solar Airfield Lighting for Regional Airport

S4GA solar airfield lighting system has been installed at a regional airport in Uzbekistan. The system is used by the airport as primary runway illumination during the daytime and for night flight operations.

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Developing Tourism In the Region

The civil airport is located in the western part of Uzbekistan. It serves as a regional air transport hub for domestic flights. In recent years the government decided to grow tourism in the region. Transport infrastructure development was the very first stage. Because of the remote location, the fastest and the most suitable way to transfer people to the place is air transport. Thus, airport upgrade was the first priority.

Solar Airfield Lighting for Uzbekistan

In order to operate 365 days a year, the airport had to install runway illumination. Traditional wired airfield lighting did not fit due to unavailable electrical infrastructure in the region. As an alternative solution, the airport considered portable battery-powered lights available on the market. However, this option was not optimal because portable lights require recharging from time to time. It means, that once in a few days somebody should take away all lights from the runway, recharge them, and put them back.

The third solution offered to the airport was simple solar runway lighting.  The systems included solar runway lights, solar threshold lights, solar PAPI, and a handheld controller for remote activation of the lights. S4GA system does not require any electrical infrastructure – it is powered 100% by solar energy. S4GA airfield lights are designed for permanent usage, therefore no recharging is required. Due to rapid solar charging technology used in S4GA lights, the system is always ready to use. And, the airport is always available for flight operations.

Photos of Solar Airfield Lighting in Uzbekistan

Why Solar AGL is the best option for Asian airports?

S4GA airfield lighting systems have been installed in more than 45 countries all over the World. However, current regional airport is the first airport in Uzbekistan equipped with solar-powered AGL. The advantages of solar runway illumination for Central Asian airports are the following:

  1. Availability 365 days a year. Solar energy in Central Asia is sufficient to keep S4GA systems fully charged by solar energy
  2. Fast & easy installation. S4GA solar lighting does not require any trenching works for an electrical network. Lighting fixtures are connected wirelessly. The power source is inside each light. Therefore, all the installation is above the ground.
  3. Simple maintenance. Replacing the batteries once in 2-3 years, and cleaning solar panels once in few weeks – are the only two maintenance procedures required for solar airfield lights. Both battery replacement and cleaning solar panels can be performed by airport personnel or local contractor.

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