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Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer for Argentine Air Force

S4GA won a Tender for the supply of a portable airfield lighting system for Air Forces in Argentina.

Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer for Argentine Air Force – VIDEO


Argentine Air Force (Spanish: Fuerza Aérea Argentina, FAA) is the aviation branch of the Armed Forces of the Argentine. There are few air bases around the country that belong to FAA and are used for military training.

In 2018, FAA requested a mobile airfield lighting system that the army was going to use at its air bases. A Tender for the supply and delivery of a portable airfield lighting trailer was issued. S4GA received an official invitation to bid and won the tender

Tailored Trailer for Demanding CuStomer

Military Customer has put special technical requirements to the trailer design and airfield lights. Any standard solution available on the market

would not fit:

  • High operating time (autonomy) of the lights requiredS4GA Portable runway lights in Trailer
  • The trailer had to accommodate two full mobile PAPI systems together with airfield lights
  • Contactless charging of the lights
  • All equipment to be made of durable materials to withstand the extreme climate conditions of Argentina and to ensure a long lifespan
  • Non-standard trailer dimensions.

S4GA Airfield Lighting Trailer: What is inside?

S4GA offered a portable airfield lighting system stored in a tailored trailer specifically designed for Argentine Air Force:

  • Airfield Lighting Trailer
  • 86 x portable airfield lights, remotely controlled from the handheld controller and air-band radio, certified and compliant with ICAO requirements
  • 2 x mobile full PAPI systems powered by diesel generators
  • Power banks to ensure PAPI autonomous operations for at least 60 minutes
  • Automatic immediate light failure reporting system built in a Trailer
  • Trailer equipped with NVG internal lighting
  • Two options to power the trailer: gasoline generators and 230 VAC
  • S4GA Trailer is made of high-grade aluminum and designed to fit in a C-130, for transportation; it can be towed by a standard SUV as its weight is only 2.500 kg

S4GA Trailer is the best solution for military air bases where the high performance of the system and its compliance with industry standards is a must.

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Photos of S4GA Portable Airfield Lights IN Argentina



Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer