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Oct 02 2018

LED AGL fully certified by Intertek

COMPLETE s4GA LED runway lighting certified by Intertek

S4GA is the manufacturer and supplier of the safest runway lighting systems. Company’s philosophy is to achieve the highest level of safety and performance of its products to secure night operations for airports.

To achieve this goal, the Company provides multiple testing at all levels of production, assembling and commissioning of the products. S4GA owns a photometric laboratory where our specialists measure photometric parameters of every single light.

 S4GA products have also been tested by independent laboratories. In early 2018, Intertek has certified SP-401 Runway Edge Light and SP-401 Obstruction Light.

Recently, S4GA has received the other certificates for SP-401 Threshold Light and SP-401 Runway End Light –  thus, having a COMPLETE Airfield Lighting System certification from Intertek.