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Research, Development & Innovations
S4GA invests great part of its resource in innovations. We are constantly working on improving existing and developing new products. Our Research & Development (R&D) team focuses on 3 main areas: efficient optics, energy storage and solar energy generation.


For the manufacturer of Airfield Ground Lighting – having the right optics is a must. “Right optics” provides specific amount of light within specific angles. For the manufacturer of autonomous (off-grid) airfield lighting having simply the “right optics” is not enough. We need best in class optics able to focus nearly entire light beam to generate required light pattern. Why? Because any inefficiency in optical design means that we need to use more energy in order obtain required (by aviation regulations) light output. S4GA optics are designed exclusively for S4GA by Swiss-based company specializing in optical engineering. Our optics are manufactured by one of the best manufacturing facility in Germany.

Innovative energy storage

A solar power system is unique in that it requires no energy input other than ordinary sunlight. Basic solar-powered LED lighting is composed of four basic elements: solar panel, charge controller, battery and LED.

Battery is used to store energy and to energize LED when it is needed. Battery is charged with the help of solar panel. Every battery has its lifetime measured in cycles (1 cycle = charge / discharge). S4GA uses the most reliable deep-cycle batteries that allows for multiple cycles. However number of cycles is limited.

To significantly prolong battery lifespan S4GA R&D team is currently working on the implementation of supercapacitor as intermediary source of energy. Using supercapacitor can potentially increase battery life from 5 to 15 years.

Efficient Energy Generation using World’s Best Solar Panels

Every solar-powered system is as reliable as solar panel that is used to charge and maintain its power. Conventional solar panels widely used by various industries has certain drawbacks. Mass solar cell production is focused on decreasing solar cell thus compromising on lifespan and efficiency. Conventional solar panel’s design:

  1. Uses multiple metal elements that are exposed to corrosion
  2. Metal parts on back of cells offer no reinforcement – cell can crack and lose power when exposed to temperature swings
  3. If one of thin and weak connection (between cells) is lost – entire cell fails
  4. Entire panel power output dramatically drops if only part of it is covered with shade

S4GA has innovation in its Genes thus always struggling to make its product better every day. This is why our R&D Team is currently working to implement SunPower Maxeon cell technology proven to be one of the World’s most efficient solar cell.

SunPower solar cells were used by Solar Impulse – the solar airplane that recently set a world record for flying around the world without a drop of fuel. Check this video to understand why we are so excited about using Maxeon technology in our products.