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Sep 29 2017

New Efficient LED Optics for Airfield Lights

S4GA presents new highly efficient LED optics for aviation lights. The company designed a new optics providing its customers with best in class photometrical characteristics and compliance with ICAO and FAA aviation standards.

This is low and medium intensity optics which will be used in S4GA lights for runways, taxiways, helipads and obstruction.  With a new LED optics, the light emission will be even more precisely directed within angles required by aviation regulations. It means less energy consumption and higher visibility range. The first one allows batteries to serve longer which means less maintenance cost for airport operating company. The second one is important for pilots when landing an airplane or helicopter.

photometrical output under control

S4GA is always improving its products and uses the latest technologies in manufacturing. Being one of few companies in the World – S4GA operates its own photometrical laboratory. This facility provides S4GA with ability to measure light output withing precise angles and also define lights chromaticity.