Portable Airfield Lighting

Portable lighting for runways and helipad

Ideal for emergency, military and obstruction applications

Portable lighting system

S4GA introduces mobile runway and helipad lighting kit – mini lightBOX. This is the first portable airfield lighting dedicated for General Aviation. The product itself is reliable and complies with ICAO Annex 14 technical requirements. This autonomous and certified lighting solution for airfields and helipads is designed to fit GA's practical requirements.

Mini lightBOX

The basic element of mini lightBOX is SP-102 lighting unit. The kit includes six SP-102 units, charging station for six SP-102 units and bespoke case with shock-absorbent foam for six SP-102 units. Mini lightBOX is designed to illuminate runways, taxiways, aprons and obstructions in compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The product is also ideal for emergency, military and obstruction applications.

This portable runway lights could be easily turned into permanent by using mounting stake provided by S4GA. It allows for quick and easy mounting of the SP-102 unit to the grass (ground) surface. Mounting stake is made of high-quality galvanized stainless steel. It allows to extend Your SP-102 usage for semi-permanent applications. When properly applied - mounting stake is inset into the ground and creates flat surface - so it is not an obstacle for aircraft or glider. SP-102 unit is connected to the mounting stake with the help of latching bolts.

Types of SP-102 unit:

  • Runway edge lighting units (omni-directional, white)
  • Runway threshold / end lighting units (bi-directional, red-green)
  • Taxiway lighting units (omni-directional, blue)
  • Obstruction lighting units (omni-directional, red)

SP-102 unit key features

  • Every lighting unit is autonomous due to in-built deep-cycle battery, which allows for up to 9 hours of operations
  • User replacable battery
  • User replacable LED-based optics
  • Three levels of intensity
  • Battery level indication
  • Lightweight and waterproof aluminium body – 1.5 kg

To download technical specification please click here