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May 25 2018
S4GA to offer portable trailer for airfields

S4GA – a government-owned manufacturer of solar and portable airfield lighting – has recently launched a new product. Starting from this year, we offer Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer (S4GA PALT) for runways.

ICAO compliant portable airfield lighting trailer

Portable Trailer is the best solution for temporary runways, emergency landing zones and backup AGL during repair works on airfield.  PALT is designed by S4GA R&D specialists in accordance with both international aviation standards and AGL market requirements.  It has rigid body and adjustable design. For a particular customer, S4GA will create specific trailer according to the requirements:

  • contains portable PAPI and all necessary accessories in one place
  • drop-in charging system
  • solar powered portable trailer for remote locations, etc.