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Thailand: Solar Taxiway Lights for Phetchabun Airport

S4GA supplied Phetchabun Airport in Thailand with solar taxiway lights. The lighting system is used as a permanent illumination of airport taxiways in bad weather or during night flight operations.

s4ga taxiway Lights at Phetchabun Airport – Photos

solar taxiway Lights at Thailand airport

Phetchabun Airport is a regional airport in the Lom Sak District in Phetchabun Province in the northern region of Thailand. It is used both for private and military purposes.

S4GA’s solar TWY lighting was selected by the Airport Authority as a cost-effective yet secure solution that meets all the requirements of international aviation regulations. Among key factors that identify S4GA as the leader of the advanced solar technology should be mentioned the operational time of taxiway lights up to 600 hours on a single charge and the ability of its remote activation and control from the ATC Tower.

S4GA taxiway lights are applicable for all types of taxiways at international, regional, and domestic airports. In taxiway lights – as well as in other airport lighting products – we use special ICAO-compliant LED optics that generate correct light output in terms of intensity and chromaticity.

Taxiway lights key features

  • Operate 365 days a year on solar energy
  • User-replaceable battery and optics
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Remote activation and control
  • Compliant with ICAO, FAA, EASA, STANAG

Typical applications

  • Taxiway lighting
  • Permanent taxiway lighting
  • Temporary taxiway lights
  • Apron lighting
  • Backup airport lighting
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Solar Taxiway Lights