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United Kingdom: S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting for Tiree Airport

HIAL, the Scottish airport operator, has decided to place its trust in S4GA for the second airport out of 11 airports managed by HIAL. S4GA has provided a solar-powered system, which was installed by Dewhurst Airfield Services.

In a groundbreaking achievement for the UK, S4GA LED PAPI has been installed and successfully approved following a flight test for the first time!

Tiree AIRPORT Solar upgrade – Overview

Tiree Airport, located in Northern Scotland, needed an upgraded lighting system. They had been using an outdated portable system that required constant recharging and lacked sufficient photometrical output. After successfully installing the S4GA Solar System in Campbeltown supported by Dewhurst Airfield Services, the HIAL (Highlands and Islands Airports) chose the same solution for Tiree.

which challenges did S4GA face?

One of the main challenges of this project was the airport’s location on an island, making accessibility an issue for the maintenance of a conventional lighting system. Additionally, Tiree experiences limited sun energy during the winter months, which posed limitations for a solar-powered system. However, considering the limited airport operations during winter, the airport accepted the operational limits of the Solar AGL system provided by S4GA.


The first S4GA LED PAPI in the UK

Notably, this project marks the debut of S4GA LED PAPI in the UK, a significant milestone. Before the system’s official commissioning, the Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) underwent a specialized “Flight calibration” to ensure precise visual guidance for pilots. S4GA has been positively approved! This meticulous testing further reinforces the reliability and exceptional performance of the S4GA system!



S4GA Solar AGL – the best solution for Tiree Airport

Following the successful installation of S4GA Solar AGL at Campbeltown Airport, Airport Tiree recognized its effectiveness and decided to implement the same solution. For S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting, Tiree airport challenges are not a problem due to its unique features and capabilities.

  • Despite the airport’s location on an island, the system’s design ensures accessibility for maintenance without the need for complex infrastructure typically associated with conventional lighting systems.
  • Moreover, S4GA’s Solar AGL system is designed to operate efficiently even with limited sun energy during the winter months, allowing it to meet the airport’s requirements.
  • The airport’s acceptance of the operational limits during winter further demonstrates the flexibility and suitability of the S4GA solution for challenging environments.
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