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POLAND: S4GA LED PAPI System for Airbase Minsk Mazowiecki

S4GA has supplied Airbase Minsk Mazowiecki in Poland with the LED PAPI System. The military airbase has initiated a substantial upgrade to modernize its lighting systems. The renewal focused primarily on Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) technology. So, the main reason for this renovation was to switch to LED technology. This change would improve operational efficiency and increase safety during crucial maneuvers. 


S4GA LED PAPI AT Airbase Minsk Mazowiecki IN POLAND – PHOTOS

Airbase Minsk Mazowiecki PAPI upgrade

S4GA LED PAPI System at Military Airbase Minsk Mazowiecki
The project scope included integrating S4GA LED Precision Approach Path Indicators powered by 6.6 Amp electrical grid technology with Thyristor Constant Current Regulator (CCR) while ensuring NVG compatibility. Additionally, the S4GA project team focused primarily on electrical specifications. They also addressed communication protocols, physical interface alignment, power supply stability, and testing. They had to meticulously coordinate and apply technical expertise to ensure that the systems worked seamlessly with each other and were compatible.


The S4GA addressed the Airbase’s needs and challenges encountered during the installation of PAPI Lights. Airbase Minsk Mazowiecki chose S4GA’s LED PAPI technology for several reasons:

  • Easy replacement of PAPI projectors without recalibration;
  • Capability to monitor the LED PAPI using the existing Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS);
  • NVG Compatibility with NATO standards;
  • Fast installation, simplicity, and ease of maintenance;
  • Technical expertise of the team to ensure seamless operation and compatibility.

NVG COMPATIBILITY: a must-have for militaries

S4GA NVG version LED PAPI SystemThe installed S4GA LED PAPI system was the NVG version. It underwent NATO standard NVG equipment compatibility testing at the airbase during commissioning.

With a range of features tailored to meet the unique requirements of military airbases, S4GA’s lights offer unparalleled precision and reliability, including compatibility with NVG, remote monitoring capabilities, higher levels of illumination compared to competitors, and full compliance with ICAO, FAA, EASA, CASA requirements, and NATO standards.

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