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US Airbase: Airfield Lighting Trailer for Military Air Base in Northeast Africa

S4GA received a contract for Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer for a military airbase in Northeast Africa.


Undisclosed military airbase located in Northeast Africa. To operate at night, the airbase should have an illuminated runway.

S4GA has been awarded delivery of Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer by one of Africa’s leading remote site service providers that serve UN agencies such as UNICEF, UNHCR; governmental organizations such as the UK MOD, the US State Department, and the EU.

Airfield Lighting trailer for the Air Base – Photos



There were two main challenges in regards to the runway lighting system requested:

  • Time: airbase had to start night flights as soon as possible: delivery time was a critical factor.
  • Non-standard application: AGL system should be easily transportable to other locations. In the meantime, airfield lighting will be used as a semi-permanent application, therefore constant power supply is a must.


S4GA offered a complete portable runway lighting system stored in a Trailer and fully compliant with international aviation regulations. The AGL system is activated remotely via Handheld Controller. Light brightness, operating modes, and light grouping are selectable via the Controller. Stored in heavy duty Trailer, airfield lights can be safely transported to another location. A built-in charging system in a Trailer ensures the lights are ready-to-use at any time.

S4GA received a contract for Portable Airfield Lighting Trailer. One month after placing the order, the AGL system has been delivered to the air base.

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