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Jul 12 2022

Nabire Airport chooses S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting

S4GA has supplied Nabire Airport in Indonesia with Solar Airfield Lighting System. Key factors that pointed to S4GA as the best matching solution were low costs and fast installation. It’s for the second time, that an airport located in the Papua region chooses S4GA Solar Runway Lighting Solution. 

S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting For Indonesian Airport

Douw Aturure Airport is a regional airport located in Nabire Regency, Papua, Indonesia. In recent years the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in Indonesia decided to start a runway rehabilitation project, which included acquiring a new airfield lighting solution. 

In choosing the best matching AGL system, key factors lay in its costs and installation time. Even though at first, the Airport Operator considered a portable lighting system, after learning about the benefits of our solar technology, it was decided that S4GA Solar AGL would be the right choice that met all of the Airport requirements:

  • Low Investment
  • No expensive civil works
  • Fast project implementation 
  • ZERO electricity bills – solar power in Nabire is enough to keep the runway operational 365 days a year using only solar energy
  • Low cost of maintenance – everything can be performed by airport people, no need to hire an external contractor
  • Compliance with international aviation standards such as ICAO, FAA, STANAG

Thanks to S4GA Solar Lighting Solution, Nabire Airport is finally available for night flight operations. This transformation allows for increasing the accessibility of the region and helps the city in its development process.  

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