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Solar Runway Lighting system
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Control & Monitoring System
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Model of LED runway lights and markings. This diagram explained how does the airport runway lights works and where are located.

Solar runway lighting system

S4GA Solar Airfield Ground Lighting is a complete alternative to conventional/wired AGL system. It is ICAO compliant off-grid airfield lighting with individual light control and monitoring. Each element of the system is connected with others via wireless mesh network.

The key element of solar-powered airport runway lights is SP-401 elevated light. SP-401 has in-built battery with capacity of up to 85 hrs of operations. S4GA uses LED as a source of light as it has significant advantages over conventional incandescent lights. LED is protected by premium UV-resistant polycarbonate dome. 

solar agl as primary runway lighting

Today solar airport lighting is used in most cases as a temporary solution: during repair works on the main RWY lighting, as portable aerodrome lights on small private airfields, etc.

S4GA solar powered airfield lighting is the first in its class lighting which can be used as primary/ fixed application because.

  • Unlike products of other airfield lighting manufacturers, our lights can be energized by both sources of power: conventional and solar
  • We use independently installed solar panel which allows generating 4-x more electrical energy compared to solar panels inbuilt in the walls of lights. As a result, the battery in airfield light charges faster.
  • S4GA runway edge light provides 1.500 cd of light output – so far there is no solar aviation light on the market which can provide even close amount of light.
  • We use non-licensed 868 Mhz for wireless communication. Some of other AGL manufacturers use certified frequency of 900 Mhz which requires special approval.

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