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About S4GA

Airport Lighting Company

S4GA is a state-owned airfield lighting company. We design, manufacture and supply airfield lighting systems to civil airports and military airbases Worldwide.
  • World’s safest
    runway lighting
  • State-owned
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STATE-OWNED airfield lighting supplier

S4GA is one of the leading airfield lighting manufacturers in the World and the only company that designs solar airfield lighting for permanent applications.

Today S4GA distributes its solar runway lighting on a truly global scale. That is why the Company has been recognized as reliable and perspective partner and became a state-owned enterprise. As for today, 40% of the company belongs to Polish Government.

Our Government has been heavily investing in airport infrastructure to boost the economy by increasing the country’s investment attractiveness. As part of this activity, Poland has invested in a few innovative companies in order to provide national airports with reliable infrastructure and securing high-quality equipment from Polish companies. S4GA is among these companies.

Our Customers are usually located in regions with limited access to electrical grid, high photovoltaic potential (sunny countries) and increasing flight traffic. Would it be island airport on Maldives, military air base in African desert or domestic airport on the Caribbean – they are always looking for a reliable airfield lighting system that is certified, operates 24/7, and requires simple maintenance.

For such Customers, we supply complete solar runway lighting. It operates 365 days on solar energy and has 5-level protection against system failure. S4GA solar runway lights are certified by Intertek. Reliability has been proven by multiple applications.


Our solar airfield lights and portable lights have passed INTERTEK certification in compliance with ICAO Annex 14. All certificates are available online at our website.


Our manufacturing and R&D facilities are located in Radom, Poland. S4GA owns a photometrical laboratory, modern warehouse, and technical training centre for employees and partners.

Helipad Lighting Supplier

S4GA not only manufactures airfield lighting for airports but for helipads as well. The company has already been recognized as reliable helipad lighting supplier. We offer ICAO compliant certified portable helipad lights to HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service), air rescue, police, military, and private helicopter operators worldwide. S4GA is a NATO registered supplier of airfield and helipad lighting products.

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