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Mar 06 2024

S4GA Workshop in Saudi Arabia: Key Questions About Solar Airfield Lighting

S4GA, a solar airfield lighting solutions provider, has established a strong presence in Saudi Arabia. This was achieved through a workshop held in Riyadh on February 14th, 2024.

During our workshop in Saudi Arabia, participants had the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about our cutting-edge solutions. Additionally, we provided comprehensive insights into the latest advancements in aviation lighting. These insights enabled attendees to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability at their airports.

The workshop was hosted in collaboration with our valued partner, I-TAC and run by Mr. Lukasz Kornacki, S4GA and Dr. Maged Gamal, I-TAC. This event aimed to keep attendees informed about the latest airfield lighting technology. Aviation professionals and the military sector from across the region attended the S4GA Workshop.

Unlocking the Value of the Saudi Arabia S4GA Workshop Experience

Our workshop in Saudi Arabia was focused on excellence and innovation in solar airfield lighting. We drew upon our expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining solar airfield lighting systems globally to explore sustainable aviation solutions. Attendees were active participants in exchanging ideas and insights. Here are the most important aspects of the S4GA workshop:

  • Participants from various fields of aviation. The workshop was well received by the key players in the aviation field of Saudi Arabia. Officials associated with GACA (General Authority of Civil Aviation), MODA (Ministry of Defense), RAC (Riyadh Airport) and the representatives of important consultants took part in the workshop from beginning to end.
  • Engaging in discussions with enthusiastic participants. The level of interest and engagement from attendees impressed us. This reflects the growing potential of solar airfield lighting in the region.
  • Positive feedback on the viability of solar AGL. Discussions confirmed the strong potential for cost savings, environmental benefits, and technical feasibility of solar airfield ground lighting for Saudi Arabian airports.
  • Successful live demonstration. The live demonstration showcased the practical application of solar airfield lighting technology and generated significant interest from participants.

Stay Engaged: Connect with S4GA for Further Insights and Innovations

Are you interested in attending S4GA’s upcoming workshops on solar airfield lighting? We are thrilled with the resounding success of our workshop in Saudi Arabia and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional opportunities for professionals in the aviation industry to stay at the forefront of solar airfield lighting technology.

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