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Oct 10 2018

S4GA new factory now open

We have a pleasure to inform that S4GA factory has been moved to a new larger, brighter and cooler place!

why did we decide on a new factory ?

 In early 2018, S4GA Management Team has made a decision to expand Company’s manufacturing facilities. There were a few reasons forcing S4GA to do such changes:

  • S4GA is winning more and more airport projects annually which requires more physical space to produce, assemble, test and store the equipment.
  • The Company enriched its photometric laboratory with new machines and testing equipment which again required more space.
  • During recent years, we’ve got new members to our S4GA family and we care about their working conditions. Thus, we now have a new bigger brighter office with the best coffee and sweets ever!

HOW IT AFFECTs S4GA performance ?

A new factory opens up lots of opportunities for S4GA and its Partners:

  • New factory speeds up a manufacturing process. We are now able to complete projects in a short term.
  • New office makes our employees more enthusiastic in their job. Moreover, we now have a great office for meeting with our Partners and providing training for them.
  • New warehouse allows keeping more items ready-to-go. We are able to process more urgent deliveries.
  • New photometric laboratory allows doing even more advanced testing of S4GA lighting equipment.


We invite our Partners and Customers to Biznesowa 4 in Radom (Poland) for a cup of coffee! We will be glad to meet you there and show you the new factory.