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Jun 22 2023

S4GA Expands in the Australian Market: Crash-Test of Lights, AAA Forum, S4GA Australia Workshop, and More

In recent years, Australian airports have been at the forefront of embracing modern lighting solutions to enhance their operations and ensure the highest standards of safety. One company leading the charge in this transformation is S4GA, a trusted partner in providing advanced aviation lighting systems. From conducting intense crash tests to hosting workshops and providing comprehensive training, S4GA in Australia continues to revolutionize the industry!

AMS – S4GA: A Partnership Driving the Aviation Industry in Australia

S4GA’s partnership with AMS has been instrumental in propelling the development of the aviation industry in Australia. With a growing number of airports seeking to implement S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting, Australian airports now have access to reliable and modern lighting solutions. Together, AMS and S4GA are empowering Australian airports on their journey toward progress and transformation.

Crash-Test Challenge: S4GA solar Light vs. Conventional Light

Ever wondered what happens when a plane collides with Solar Light? And Conventional Light? Considering the safety aspect, we decided to use a car instead of an aircraft to compare the impact of a collision between a car bumper and solar-powered airfield lights versus conventional ones! We conducted this test to confirm that regardless of its higher weight – solar light has the same impact during a simulated collision with an airplane.

s4ga in Australia: Three Incredible Days of Networking at aaa forum

The Australian Airports Association Forum brought together industry professionals for three remarkable days of networking, idea exchange, and invaluable insights. The premiere of the test movie took place during the AAA Forum in Australia. At the same premiere, the Australian (CASA) confirmed the approval of S4GA solar lights for use in Australian airports. For S4GA, these events are more than just an opportunity to showcase products; they serve as a platform to delve deeper into the market, gain inspiration, and connect with fellow aviation enthusiasts.

Amazing Moments from the S4GA Australian Workshop

We recently hosted a successful workshop in collaboration with our Australian partner, AMS. The workshop, presented by Rob Muilenburg, provided a platform for sharing knowledge and exploring the latest advancements in aviation lighting. Don’t miss out on upcoming events; follow us on social media to stay up-to-date with the latest developments as we continue to revolutionize the world of aviation lighting!

Through our trusted partnership with AMS, we have driven industry development, offering reliable and modern lighting solutions that enhance safety and operational efficiency. As we continue to prioritize innovation and seamless installation, S4GA remains at the forefront of transforming the aviation industry in Australia!

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