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Jan 16 2023

S4GA at Mileng Coe Industry Day 2022

On the 7th of December S4GA participated in Mileng Coe Industry Day 2022. It is one of the top events for the entire military and defense industry taking place in Germany. It gathers industry professionals from all over the World every year.


The Industry Day is an exceptional occasion for companies to increase their visibility by addressing and attracting the special target audience to products and services in fields related to Combat Engineering, General Engineering and Special Engineering support in areas such as: Force Protection, Horizontal Construction Equipment, Defense Ballistic Barriers, Emergency Lighting, Infrastructure, Bridging, E-Learning Solutions, Boarding/Entry/Save and Rescue as well as evacuation equipment, Protection of Critical Infrastructure, Lighting/ Power distribution / Batteries, Vehicles/Trucks/Transport coupling, Engineer Earthmoving Equipment, Demining/CIED/EOD Equipment, Ground Mobility Solutions, Rapid Deployment Systems and so on…

Industry Day always takes place in conjunction with the MILENG COE`s Information Exchange Seminar (IES) as the guests for this event are the main target audience for the companies represented.

S4GA At Mileng Coe Industry Day – PHOTOS

Airfield Lighting Solutions presented by S4GA 

This year S4GA Team presented its Airfield Lighting Systems for military applications.

S4GA Military Airfield Lighting Systems are applicable for all types of NATO STANAG runway lighting systems. Our solar airfield lights are designed to withstand extreme operating conditions such as high and low temperatures, high humidity, salty and sandy environments.

Today, S4GA products are used by the military, police, air rescue, and border guards, as well as civil in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania.

During the event, we got to talk with experienced specialists working in the military and defense industry. We spoke about the benefits related to portable airfield lighting solutions. We are very grateful for all the meetings and hope to meet you all soon!