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Oct 15 2019

S4GA at Inter Airport Europe 2019: Trade Fair Outcome

S4GA has successfully attended inter airport Europe 2019, the Number One airport industry event taking place in Germany and gathering aviation professionals from all over the World.

On 8-11 October 2019, S4GA Team presented its World’s Safest Runway Lighting as an exhibitor in Munich. We had a great opportunity to meet with our current and potential partners, customers, airport engineers and consultants from Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. It was a great pleasure to present S4GA solutions to our visitors, address the questions, and get their opinion on solar airfield lighting.

AQESA speaking about solar airfield lightingIntegrators about Solar Airfield Lighting

During the Show, S4GA Team had discussions with experienced integrators and contractors working on AGL market for decades. They shared their experience with AGL systems, as well as advantages and concerns related to solar airfield lighting. We believe that such discussions are very important as this is the best way to get feedback from AGL end-users – airports. It allows airport lighting companies – such as S4GA – to improve its products and deliver the right solutions.

Interviews will be available on S4GA Youtube channel soon.

S4GA at Digitalisation Seminar: Risks of Hard-Wired Airfield Lighting and How S4GA Eliminates Them

S4GA at Digitalisation Seminar Inter AirportAt LIVE Seminar Stage of IAE’19, Mr Dmytro Kuczeruk explained why S4GA solar lighting is World’s Safest. Talking about safety, we always think about the risks and the way how to eliminate them. If it comes to the safety of airport flight operations, we consider the risk of complete loss of power supply as the most critical one.

This risk is related to traditional hard-wired airfield lighting systems – which are used today at almost all international airports. In spite of the fact that such AGL system is secured by a few backups, it still depends on single bottleneck elements.

In S4GA solar airfield lighting there are NO such bottlenecks. How is that possible? Mr Dmytro Kuczeruk explained it during IAE Digitalisation Seminar. The video will be available on S4GA Youtube soon. Follow us on socials to stay updated with solar AGL news.

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