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Jan 08 2020

S4GA Airfield Lights Passed ICAO Jet Blast Test – 240 kph

December 2019 – S4GA Airfield Lights have successfully passed jet blast test at Warsaw Institute of Aviation in accordance with ICAO requirements.

The lights have been tested at the Laboratory of Aerodynamics of the Warsaw Institute of Aviation. S4GA airfield lights were mounted to a special platform which rotates allowing to test jetblast resistance from every direction. During the testing, the lights have accomplished several revolutions being blown over by air flowing at 240 kph.

What is jet blast test?

The jet blast test is designed to analyze the ability of airfield lights to withstand jet blast, propeller wash, and surface wind gusts. ICAO requires maximum wind speed resistance of 240 kilometres per hour for our type of airfield lighting.

Why Jet Blast Test is Important?

Airfield ground lights – as well as other airfield equipment – can be damaged by aircrafts during its movement at an airfield. The lights can simply fall down during takeoff, landing or even when aeroplane engine turns on. Improper mounting and fixing the light to the ground may cause an unsafe situation at an airfield. That’s why jet blast resistance is one of the key parameters being tested for airfield lights.

Europe’s Leading Testing LaboRatory

t-3 wind tunnel for jetblast testS4GA airfield lights have been tested at The Warsaw Institute of Aviation. The Institute owns 29 laboratories and divisions which makes it one of the biggest aviation research and development centres in Europe. One of the laboratories is The Laboratory of Aerodynamics (or the Aerodynamics Research Laboratory) that provides multiple aerodynamic tests primarily for aviation industry. The tests are performed in a T-3 Wind Tunnel, one of the largest wind tunnels in Europe. Testing facilities of wind tunnel are impressive:

  • the measuring space is 5 m in diameter and 6.5 m in length
  • 5.6 MW engine power
  • 320 km/h maximum airflow speed.

The technical research results obtained in the Aerodynamic Research Laboratory are recognised by both the International Standard Organization (ISO) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC)*

*Source: ilot.edu.pl

Institute of Aviation Confirms: S4GA Lights Are Safe To Use at Commercial and Military Airports

All models of S4GA lights that have been tested can withstand wind speed of 240 kph. Warsaw Institute of Aviation confirms that S4GA lights are safe to use on commercial and military airports. Contact us to receive Jet Blast Test Reports or any other related information.

Watch Jet Blast Test on Youtube