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Thessaloniki Airport is ready for Solar Runway Lighting

S4GA has been chosen by Fraport to deliver Solar Runway Lighting for Thessaloniki International Airport in Greece.

Solar taxiway lights at Thessaloniki airport – Video


Thessaloniki Airport (officially Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia“) is the third largest international airport in Greece operated by Fraport. The airport has two runways equipped with ILS navigation systems.

A few years ago Greek government launched the upgrade program for Thessaloniki and few other airports and handed it over to Fraport Greece. For Thessaloniki, the project included an extension of Runway 10-28 with the additional modernization of runway 16-34.

Solar taxiway lights at Thessaloniki airport – photos


Despite the fact that both runways have been closed for reconstruction, the airport still had to continue flight operations: there are no similar airports nearby where flight operations from Makedonia Airport could be transferred to.

Fraport started looking for temporary runway lights with strict requirements:

  • certified and compliant with ICAO regulations
  • AGL system should operate nonstop 24/7
  • Delivery within a month – which is an extremely short period for implementation of such a project


S4GA offered solar LED airfield ground lighting which fully met Fraport’s requirements:

  • S4GA solar AGL is compliant with ICAO Annex 14 and certified by Intertek
  • It operates 365 days on solar energy
  • S4GA ALCMS – Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System – allows control of solar runway lighting from Airport Tower

The Company managed to manufacture and deliver the system within one month.



Solar LED Runway Lighting