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Solar Airfield Lighting for Remote Military Airbase in Africa

S4GA solar airfield lighting system has been supplied to one of remote military airbases located in North Africa.  The system fully operates on solar energy and is used as permanent AGL.


S4GA supplied complete permanent solar airfield lighting system to military airbase located in African desert. This is the second project that S4GA did for the current Customer.

In 2015 S4GA delivered solar airfield lighting system to their another air base. The Customer was satisfied with S4GA products and, few years later, they requested S4GA for the second solar AGL system.


According to Customer’s requirements, the airfield lighting system had to be delivered and installed within only 4-week time. Traditional hard-wired runway lighting is impossible to install in such a short period of time. Thus, the Customer started looking for alternative solutions.

Another challenge was lack of reliable constant power supply in the region. For airport, it means sudden interruptions in airfield lighting work and acquisition of additional power generators to secure such interruptions.


S4GA solar airfield lighting system has been already recognized as the best solution for remote airfields among civil and military customers.

S4GA lighting does not require any electrical infrastructure – the system operates 365 days on solar energy. No cables, CCRs, transformers, or any other electrical network is needed which makes installation of S4GA system much faster and easier than traditional hard-wired lighting.

Airfield lights are equipped with built-in power banks providing a high level of autonomy of the lights. Each light is also connected to individual optimally tilted solar panel. In this way, every lighting unit in S4GA system has its own distributed power source and is independent of the other units. Due to power balance between energy consumed by lamps and energy produced by solar panels, S4GA solar AGL does not require any additional power sources except the sun.

S4GA runway lighting was manufactured, delivered and installed at the airbase within 4-week time as required. Now airbase is ready for night flight operations.

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