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Papua New Guinea: Solar Airfield Lighting for Nadzab Airport

Together with our partner Perfect Airport Solutions, S4GA supplied a solar airfield lighting system to Nadzab Airport in Papua New Guinea. The airport will use solar AGL for daytime and night flight operations during the airport redevelopment project.

Nadzab Airport Redevelopment Project

Nadzab Airport (IATA: LAE; ICAO: AYNZ) is a regional airport in Papua New Guinea operated by NAC (National Airports Corporation in Papua New Guinea). It is served by both private and regional aircraft with domestic flights.

With a growing demand for cargo and passenger traffic in the region, the airport management decided to start a redevelopment project which includes among others:

  • Widening and/or strengthening of the existing runway, taxiways, and apron
  • Construction of new taxiways and apron
  • Improvement of aeronautical ground lights.

The construction project is a part of NAC’s Business Strategy with the main goal set on developing 15 smart airports in PNG by 2030.

S4GA Solar Airfield Lighting for Papua New Guinea

In order to keep the airport operational during runway rehabilitation works, Nadzab Airport decided to acquire a temporary AGL. S4GA solar airfield lighting was selected as a reliable and cost-effective solution that fully meets the airport’s requirements:

  • No trenching works and no electrical infrastructure required to run S4GA solar lighting
  • Easy installation and maintenance that can be performed by local engineers
  • Power-safe AFL that keeps the airport operational regardless of power supply issues
  • Close to zero operational cost
  • Full remote control of S4GA runway lighting from the ATC Room.

S4GA solar airfield ground lighting is fully compliant with international aviation regulations – ICAO, FAA, EASA, STANAG.

For more information about the project and S4GA solar lighting solutions, please contact us.

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